21 May 2013

[News] MistServer 1.1 LTS - Our first paid release

Dear community,

We here at DDVTech are very happy, proud and excited to announce the release of MistServer 1.1 LTS!

What is LTS?
MistServer LTS is our paid, long term support release of the popular open-source MistServer software. It guarantees three years of security updates, bug fixes and a hundred percent backwards compatibility in the API and all command line usage for all future updates. We are also introducing the first LTS feature: limiting. This allows both server-wide and per-stream limiting of any combination of:

  • Current bandwidth
  • Concurrent users
  • Geolimiting
  • Hostlimiting

For more information on our limiting feature please visit this page

What does MistServer LTS include?

  • All features of MistServer open-source
  • 3 years of support
  • 3 years of patches
  • An automatic updater
  • Limiting (MistDRM)
  • Generic x86 / x86_64 Linux builds only (please contact us for other operating systems and/or architectures)

And right now we offer a one-time free upgrade to LTS 1.2!
The 1.2 release will include (among other features) automated file conversion, multi-bit rate support, native ISMV file support, HTML5 MP4/OGG support and, as new LTS-only features, Microsoft PlayReady and generic encryption support.

LTS 1.1 (including 1.2 once released) at only € 299!
We offer our LTS release at the incredible value of € 299,- per perpetual license, including 3 years of support, and will continue to do so. You can order right now by visiting our shop. The moment you have paid, you can download LTS 1.1 and start using it.

Of course we are always at your service when it comes to answering your questions. In case you have any, feel free to contact us at or through our mailing list.

For CDNs, system integrators and/or OEM partners interested in volume licensing, please contact our sales department at