7 Oct 2020

[News] Stable release 2.18 of MistServer is now available!

Hello everyone! Stable release 2.18 of MistServer is now available! The full changelog is available here and downloads are here. Our Pro edition customers with active licenses will receive a new build notification in their e-mail automatically.

It's been an especially long time as we've done a lot of preparation for a rather large overhaul of the MistServer core to boost performance and make our in/outputs a lot more flexible. Another smaller update containing smaller changes will follow soon™.

Here are some highlights:


  • Pro: Default stream and fallback options for any stream unable to load. Handy for "technical difficulties" or placeholders for intermittently live streams.
  • Pro: Advanced track selectors, allowing you to select a track based on additional specifications. (See updated manual for details.)
  • Pro: Playlist support (.pls files), for scheduling VoD content as pretend-live streams.
  • Added stream start time option to the .html output. The ?t=X GET parameter will allow you to start playback at any point, where X is time in seconds.
  • Added support for multiple public addresses, added support for "X-Mst-Path" HTTP header to override public address directly from HTTP proxies for improved reliability.


  • Pro: HLS live input is now multithreaded and supports decoding clearkey encryption.
  • Optimized speed of the HTTPS protocol and HTTP parsing code.
  • Meta player has improved UX for mobile users.
  • HTTP/RTSP headers are now case insensitive.


  • Pro: Fixed a TS input deadlock for unknown track types.
  • Pro: Fixed "always on" streams to no longer be stuck in that state.
  • Pro: Fixed RTMP_PUSH_REWRITE and PUSH_OUT_START triggers not ignoring responses in non-blocking mode
  • Certbot now correctly handles certificate renewals
  • Added a workaround for issue 2865, introduced in OBS version 25
  • Metaplayer fixed duplicate player problems, improved videojs/dashjs stability and several small improvements