20 Oct 2021

[News] MistServer has been acquired by Livepeer

Hey everyone,

DDVTech and the MistServer company has been acquired by Livepeer, Inc. If you want to read their own blogpost about the acquisition you can do so here.

To start things off, a quote from our CTO Jaron:

There could not be a more fitting team to work with, as Livepeer and DDVTech perfectly align in terms of philosophy and long-term goals. I’m looking forward to further growing both the MistServer product and the Livepeer brand in general, and bringing more exciting technologies to the open video infrastructure ecosystem. The resources and experience that the combined teams bring to the table open up a staggering amount of possibilities. This is a very exciting time for all of us.

-Jaron Viëtor

So what does this mean for MistServer users and the future of MistServer?

There will be no changes to the product and service you are familiar with. The entire development team of MistServer is still intact and still working full-time on the MistServer project. You can keep talking to the points of contact you've been talking to so far. Commercial-related operations will gradually be transferred to the Livepeer team, so that the MistServer team can keep their focus on purely development and support related tasks.

The extra resources Livepeer is making available to us will allow us to accelerate development and provide you with an even better product and service going forward.

If you're worried about anything or have questions, we'd be happy to talk to you. You can reach out to the new commercial team at, or reach the existing MistServer team through the usual methods (our contact form or directly to your existing point of contact).