14 Feb 2022

[Release] Release notes summary 3.0

Hey everyone,

After years of work on what would’ve been an “easy” 3 month project that went slightly out of scope we’re proud to announce the release of MistServer 3.0!

So, why 3.0? Basically we have redone the entire code base of MistServer making it impossible to do a rolling update from 2.X versions. This means upgrading will require dropping all current connections, as it needs to happen while MistServer is turned off. Your configuration, usage of MistServer and integration with other applications through triggers and the API will all stay the same. And of course once rebooted MistServer should behave just as you were used to, but with much lower latency.

All in all you should see improved performance and newly added features in the same old trusted interface. We have plans to upgrade the interface to something more modern as well, but we did not want to delay the 3.0 release any longer either. Perhaps more importantly we have made the decision to make all of the MistServer project fully open source without any restrictions! If you want to read more on why we did this, you can read more about it on our blog

Do note: the 3.0 release is only available for Linux-based systems at the moment. We will follow up with a 3.1 release soon that will also update the Windows and MacOS versions. Do expect our next few updates to come faster!

Release highlights:

  • Everything, including previously Pro-only features, is now Public Domain software.
  • New protocols:
    • WebRTC (input and output)
    • WS/MP4 (output)
    • SRT (native support; input and output)
    • CMAF push (output)
    • LLHLS (output)
  • New live stream processing system feature, with:
    • Livepeer process
    • ffmpeg integration
    • generic MKV-based process for easy integration with practically any other software
  • Core buffer rewrite
    • Massive latency reduction (previously 1-2 sec, now 2-3 frames end-to-end)
  • A very long list of bug fixes and other improvements. See the full changelog for details!