16 May 2023

[News] MistServer independent once more

Hey all!

As most of you probably know, about a year and a half ago in October 2021, Livepeer acquired DDVTech (the company that is building MistServer).

The partnership enabled the open sourcing of a decentralized media server, combining the two technologies, which serves as the backbone for Livepeer’s streaming platform. By early 2023 Livepeer was seeing traction within its core web3-focused market, and decided to lean into building for and serving only this market. This meant potentially winding down the MistServer team and project. To prevent this from happening, Livepeer offered the MistServer team the opportunity to spin back out the project and focus on their own core activities: MistServer-related services and technologies. Not wanting to let the project die, and not wanting to let down all our customers and users that rely on MistServer for their day-to-day operations, we naturally decided to take this option.

So, I'm happy to now formally announce that as of March 2023, DDVTech has a new majority shareholder: "OptiMist Video". OptiMist Video is entirely owned by the engineers on the MistServer team. DDVTech will continue to provide services and products exactly as it has been, and the MistServer team continues to be employed by DDVTech.

This allows us to fully focus on MistServer and related services and technologies once more. We're looking forward to continuing to help our customers, including Livepeer, with their integrations/operations/products based on MistServer. We've enjoyed working on widely varied applications such as streaming platforms, rack encoders, self-driving cars and low latency videochat applications and are eager for more challenges in the future.

If you have any questions, you can reach us through all the usual channels, like our contact form.