10 Jul 2023

[News] 3.2.1 bugfix release

Bugfix release 3.2.1 is now available! We've made several minor improvements that we deemed important enough to release, but did not warrant a full stable release. Downloads can be found here and the full changelog can be found here.

Noteworthy features / changes

Configuraton auto-saving and auto-reloading

MistServer used to only save when requested or upon a clean shut down. Now it will also save the configurations 1 minute after the last configuration change. The reasoning behind the original behaviour was to prevent anyone from making a change that crashes their system and having that saved to disk. This new feature still follows this reasoning, but instead of waiting for a clean shutdown it waits for a minute of stable operation. Alongside, the controller will now also auto-reload the config if it has changed on disk. We have made auto-read and auto-write the new default behaviour, should you wish to disable this you will need to add a new command-line parameter to MistController during start: --configrw off. It is also possible to only enable auto-read or auto-write separately, see --help for details.

Internal UDP API now properly detects IPv4/IPv6

Some systems have a functional IPv6 stack but no valid IPv6 localhost entry. This confused MistServer, as it tried to listen on IPv6 localhost but connect to IPv4 localhost. This change fixes problems with components that used the UDP API, like the Certbot integration, User Agent logging and trigger success logging.

Always-on mode changed internally

Changed "always on" behaviour to simulate always having a viewer rather than running on an entirely different code path. This fixes several problems with streams that were locked in a broken state, as this would now trigger a restart due to lack of data rather than staying online permanently.

Several other improvements

Several other improvements were made to MistServer, for a full overview please look at the full changelog.