11 Sep 2013

[News] MistServer 1.2 Release candidate available

Hello everyone! After a way too long development cycle we've decided to make available a release candidate for our 1.2 version of MistServer. Downloads are here.

This version brings some long-awaited features, amongst which HTML5 support for non-Apple platforms (in both OGG and MP4 formats - Apple platforms already had HTML5 support in the 1.1 releases). It also comes with massive speedups and stability improvements since the previous release.

The reason this is a release candidate and not an official release, is because there are still two known issues (OGG output is corrupt for certain source files, conversion API has trouble detecting the installed encoders(s) in some cases). All other functionality is complete and stable.

If you find anything else that isn't working right, please let us know through either our mailinglist or the contact us form.

[Edit] We have found some new issues through feedback from the community, for full update, please consult the mailing list.

Full changelog below.

  • Updated libmist to version 6.0.0
  • Updated the internal DTSC format to version 2.
  • Added multibitrate support.
  • Added a Conversion API.
  • Split up HTTP Progressive into multiple connectors.
  • Added HTTP Progressive connector for MP4.
  • Added HTTP Progressive connector for OGG.
  • Added HTTP connector for SRT and WebVTT.
  • Added a connector for obtaining metadata/subtitles in JSON format.
  • Added support for HTTP chunked encoding in the internal HTTP proxy.
  • Added auto-detection of connectors and their capabilities.
  • Added configuration location option to controller
  • Updated the embed code to automatically pick the optimal protocol depending on stream parameters and installed plugins.
  • Bugfix: JSON toPrettyString no longer prints binary under rare certain circumstances.
  • Bugfix: JSON library no longer mis-reads escape codes in JSON.
  • Bugfix: General CPU usage decrease and other optimizations through all parts of MistServer.
  • Bugfix: All proccesses shut down correctly and much faster now
  • Bugfix: Massive speedups for segmented HTTP streaming (Dynamic, Live, Smooth)
  • Known issue: OGG video corruption / audio desync
  • Known issue: Conversion API may not detect installed encoder(s) correctly.