13 Nov 2023

[News] Online documentation now available

Hello everyone,

Traditionally MistServer had a PDF available as a manual, which contained great amounts of information. Perhaps a little too great as the PDF itself became bigger and bigger, and perhaps slightly too unwieldy.

We've decided to convert the manual to an online environment, allowing easier small edits and improving general usability.

We've reached a point where the majority of the documentation is now available and updated. So we're happy to start redirecting towards it. You can find it here. We've now started adapting some of the blog posts into How-to guides as well. Of course a proper search method will have to follow as well.

We will eventually put the documentation online in Github as well so users can easily suggest edits or request pages. Until we've reached that point feel free to email comments, suggestions or requests to

No worries for the PDF lovers out there, we will update the PDF at our usual irregular schedule.