5 Nov 2013

[News] Version 1.2 stable now available

Hello everyone! Thanks to the combined efforts of our community and the development team, we are now proud to announce the release the 1.2 proper version. Downloads are here.

This version brings the same some long-awaited features from the Release Candidate, among which HTML5 support for non-Apple platforms (in both OGG and MP4 formats) and massive speedups and stability improvements since the previous release. With help of the community, all the known initial problems of the release candidate have been resolved.

All functionality is complete and stable. HTTP Smooth Streaming for live streams is currently too slow to work reliably, so it has been disabled by default. This will be optimized and re-enabled in a patch which will follow soon.

We invite everyone to take this new stable release for a spin, and please share your comments through either our mailinglist or the contact us form.

For the professional users amongst you - the release of an updated LTS1 (our paid offering) is coming soon as well. This update brings it up to speed with the open source edition and will include several new features as well, among which PlayReady DRM support, live multibitrate support and native support for ISMV files.

Full changelog of the 1.2 release can be found here.