26 Nov 2013

[News] Bugfix release 1.2.1 now available!

Hello everyone! We've updated our 1.2 release with several bugfixes found by our community and the development team. Downloads are here.

Patchnotes for this release are listed below:

Fixed CPU usage problems for the MistBuffer. MistBuffer used a lot of CPU power when idle clients were connected. CPU usage should be drastically lower now.

Fixed FMLE sync problems. Fixed desync problems for incoming FMLE streams, streams should now correctly play video and sound at the correct times.

Improved Network Efficiency of internal formats. Internal packaging has been improved, improving overall CPU usage and reducing wait time.

RTMP Analyser output has better readability. Improved readability of the RTMP Analyser output, removed duplicate information and made it easier to spot discrepancies.

Improved readability and maintainability of MistBuffer code. Simplified the Mistbuffer code, made the code of the MistBuffer easier to read while efficiency and function remain unchanged.

Minor RTMP optimises. Minor changes to the RTMP protocol, slightly reducing memory usage.

Dyamic naming bug fixed. Fixed a minor bug with stream names and the dynamic protocol. Previously dynamic streams could sometimes use incorrect names.

Repushing bug fixed. Fixed a bug interfering with repushing of streams. You can again push after the original push ended.