8 Jan 2014

[News] MistServer 1.3 and LTS1 updates now available!

Hello everyone,

Happy new year! To start off the new year with a bang, we're announcing the immediate availability of MistServer 1.3 and the corresponding LTS1 update. A special shout-out to Ton Wittenberg, whom helped us find the last few bugs in this new version - thanks Ton!

This new release includes major improvements throughout all parts of the software for the open source edition, and marks the addition of live multibitrate and DRM capabilities (among others) to the LTS1 paid edition. The [full list of current LTS1 features can be found here] and the [full changelog can be found here].

Please be aware that we're in the process of completely redesigning our website, so the documentation on our wiki hasn't been completely updated yet pending the redesign. Later this month everything will be up-to-date again, and much easier to access than it currently is. In the meanwhile, please don't hesitate to contact us with any inquiries you may have!

While on the topic of contacting us - for those of you whom have been hesitant to start using the LTS edition of our software, we now offer trials of LTS1 on request. Just contact us to get the ball rolling!