31 Jan 2014

[News] Bugfix release 1.3.1 now available!

Hello everyone! We've updated our 1.3 release to 1.3.1 containing requested features and several bugfixes found by our community and the development team. Downloads are here.

Patchnotes for this release:

Optimised progressive OGG. The OGG protocol has been optimised and should have greatly improved on CPU usage.

Optimised progressive MP4l. The MP4 protocol has been optimised and should have greatly improved on CPU and memory usage.

Enhanced conversion API interface. The conversion API interface is now able to run multiple conversions, automatically enforce baseline H264 to improve media usage for apple devices, automatically enforces a 44100 sample rate in MP3 (for improved usage), allows removing audio or video tracks when making a new DTSC file and removed invalid option combinations.

Added error detection on writing config.json. Added error detection when writing to the configuration file during shutdown. If for some reason MistController is unable to update its configuration file upon closing it will print the file in the console so the configuration can be saved manually. This requires MistController to not be running daemonized, as in daemonized mode there is no console attached.

Improved logging. Several debug messages have been added to the logs and timestamps are now available in the standard output log. Many superfluous debug messages have been removed as well.

File descriptors now close correctly in connector processes. Fixed a longstanding bug where sockets would not properly close, which improves overall resource usage. Our thanks to Delian for bringing this bug to our attention.

Fixed assorted DTSC header bugs. Assorted bugfixes to the DTSC format to improve usage, we recommend remaking DTSC files after the patch as older DTSC files will perform less well compared to newer ones. (And some may not work at all - the interface will print warnings about this, if needed.)

Fixed connectors not closing properly. Fixed an occasional bug where connectors would not properly close when prompted to close.

Fixed buffer CPU and memory problems. Fixed various buffer process bugs that would cause high CPU usage and memory leaks under specific conditions.