23 May 2012

[News] Roadmap

Mist consists of three core products: Mistserver, Miststeward and Mistcenter. All three will be launched in Q4 2012.

Mistserver is available as open source software. Alongside the regular free releases, Long Term Support (LTS) releases will be made available through our online store. These LTS releases come with the benefits of three year of support and security/bugfix backports as well as other proprietary features tailored for businesses.

Planned features for future Mistserver releases are, among others:

  • MPEG TS protocol support
  • RTSP protocol support
  • Smooth streaming support
  • HLS support
  • Video on Demand support
  • Live recording and timeshifting (DVR)
  • PlayReady support
  • Flash Access support

We welcome suggestions and/or code contributions.