5 Apr 2014

[News] MistServer 2.0 patchnotes now available!

Hello everyone! We have released our brand new MistServer 2.0, compared to previous versions you will see a lot of improvements. We are proud to say we are even closer to our vision of a media server now, all the performance of a web server with the capabilities of a dedicated media server.

Patch notes for the MistServer 2.0 release:
Tremendously increased CPU and Memory performance and stability
We have begun optimising the way our media server works. User will see severely improved performance compared to older versions.

Improved Management Interface
We have updated the interface to be more intuitive and added features like live statistics, previews for your streams and support options in a newly added tool menu.

Added native support for FLV MistServer and ISMV for MistServer LTS
We have added native support for FLV MistServer and ISMV files for MistServer LTS only. Simply make a stream with a FLV or ISMV file as location and you are good to go!

Changed converters to MistIn
To enable native support for FLV, ISMV and DTSC we have changed the converters to MistIn converters. To convert files to DTSC now use the corresponding MistIn converter or, if you use the LTS, simply add the file as path location.

Changed names of the in/outputs to better fit what they do
We have changed the names of the in/outputs to fit the task they are designed to do, changed names are: HDS - HTTP Dynamic Streaming
HSS - HTTP Smooth Streaming
HLS - HTTP Live Streaming

As for the connectors, they are split up in MistIn and MistOut, MistOut are outbound protocols, MistIn are inbound protocols. The changes should feel intuitive.

More calls to API for better statistics
Added several calls to the API to improve statistics collection.

Init and systemd service files
Ready to install files for a common configuration are now shipped with the releases

Daemonizing no longer standard
We've changed the standard to nodaemon, you can still run MistServer in Daemon mode by adding -d to your command line.

Support for log files Added the option for MistServer to write the log to a file instead of the console.

Embed code works without compiling with Java
The embed code now compiles without Java required.

Several bugfixes
We have resolved several minor bugs, MistServer 2.0 should be more stabile because of it.