5 Apr 2014

[News] MistServer 2.0 release available now!

We are proud to announce the release of MistServer 2.0, we believe it to be a major step forward in what a media server should be.

First of, MistServer performs tremendously better compared to previous MistServer versions. The new MistServer 2.0 now truly has the performance of a web server with all the capabilities of a dedicated media server, but blows both of them out of the water when compared on bandwidth savings!

Secondly, MistServer 2.0 has an improved management interface. We have improved our previous browser based management interface, it now comes with better intuitivity, live statistics, preview options for your streams, support options for your MistServer and a tools section.

The open source MistServer 2.0 can be enhanced with paid professional support and comes as a MistServer LTS package which can be ordered in our shop or you can apply for a trial version.

Try out the new MistServer 2.0 and share your thoughts with us.
The full feature list is available here.