22 Apr 2014

[News] Bugfix release 2.0.1 now available!

Hello everyone! We've updated our 2.0 release to 2.0.1 containing requested features and several bugfixes found by our community and the development team. Downloads are here.We have already noticed a few ways to make MistServer even more stabile and plan to release an 2.0.2 patch soon. If any users have any feedback regarding MistServer we will be happy to hear from you, you can contact us here

Patchnotes for this release:

Mac Version now available. A Working Mac version is now released, you can find it at the download page. We have noticed that temporarily files can pile up and expect to solve this in the coming releases. We expect to release the Windows version soon.

Fixed custom stream properties which caused programs like FMLE & XSplit to be unable to push to MistServer. We have fixed a bug that did not handle custom stream properties correctly. Users should be able to use programs like FMLE & XSplit with MistServer again.

Fixed header handling for Management Interface. New files were plagued with a 'Corrupt file' bug while they were actually working. This was due to incorrect header handling, we have resolved the bug and afflicted streams will now have correct information and a working preview within the Management Interface.

Updated help function for Management Interface. The Help function (available through the question mark in the middle right corner) now has updated text for every page in the MistServer Management Interface.

Fixed incorrect buffer times when left empty within Management Interface. The Management interface used an incorrect standard buffer time when unspecified. This has been set to the correct default of 30,000 ms.

Fixed an RTMP end of stream error in VoD streaming. RTMP protocol would not always properly close an RTMP stream once the end of a file has been reached. They should now close properly

Fixed audio page handling for live streams. Audio tracks sometimes would not go to the next page, which means the audio (and possibly the stream) drops after about 30 minutes of live streaming. Audio pages now switch correctly and live streams should be more stable.

Improved Memory management. We have found a small memory leak and resolved it. Memory usage should have improve slightly.