1 May 2014

[News] LTS 1 updated & MistServer release 2.0.2 now available!

Hello everyone! We've updated our LTS 1 package with the newest MistServer 2.0.2 release. MistServer LTS is now available for all operating systems with the new benefits of MistServer 2.0.2. LTS users can simply use the update function or download their LTS version from their "My Purchases page". The builds that have not been updated yet on the downloads page will be made available in the coming days. We've also updated our MistServer 2.0.1 release to 2.0.2 containing requested features and several bugfixes found by our community and the development team. Downloads are here. If any users have any feedback regarding MistServer we will be happy to hear from you, you can contact us here

Patchnotes for this release:

Windows Version now available. A Working Windows version is now released, you can find it at the download page.

Improved RTMP stability. Fixed various problems with RTMP, users should find it more stable and better performing.

Improved seeking function. Improved the way MistServer handles seek request. Should improve the speed and stability when seeking.

Improved HTTP Dynamic protocol. The HTTP Dynamic protocol has been improved, it costs less CPU and will run more stable and should have no issues with live streams now.

Management Interface Improvements. Various improvements to the Management Interface, explaining if a file will get a certain extension and better information about live streams.

MistIn encoders forces .DTSC extension. Mistin encoders now enforce a .DTSC extension to avoid confusion what type of file comes out.

LTS Recording function now works properly. The LTS recording option now properly records the stream as a .DTSC file to the selected location.

LTS Limits work properly again. Geo limits and Host limits wouldn't always trigger, they should now trigger normally. Hard limits had some issues triggering on stream related limits, limits should work as intended now.
Note: due to technicalities Host & Geo limits are currently unlogged but fully functional, this will revert back to old behaviour in a future release.

LTS experimental MistInAV. Released a new experimental encoder MistInAV. This encoder should be able to convert most media input to a DTSC file and will be able to function as input in the future.

Several other minor bugfixes. Removed some minor bugs and error messages.