25 Jun 2014

[News] Research Initiative Q2 Paper online now!

Hello everyone!

Last time we investigated if we were able to bridge the gap between HTTP servers and media servers.. The results were promising: MistServer behaved as we hoped, proving it has all the capabilities of media servers while keeping the performance of HTTP servers. The research initiative is our way to bring our concerns and views for the future to the public in a more committed way, and we plan to release quarterly updates to the initiative.

In our Q2 research paper we'll not only update our last results, but also add two extra media servers to the statistics and raw data. Additionally, there's a new test which explores whether current media servers are able to handle the sudden load surges that may occur when load-balancing media servers.

You can view a short summary of the results here, and if you are interested in the full paper you can download it here, or if you want to have the raw data you can find it here.