26 Jun 2014

[Release] Bugfix release 2.1 now available!

Bugfix release 2.1 now available!

Hello everyone! We've updated our 2.0.2 release to 2.1 containing requested features and several bugfixes found by our community and the development team. Downloads are here. If you have feedback regarding MistServer we will be happy to hear from you, you can contact us here

Patch notes for this release:

Stabilized RTMP pushes. RTMP keyframes wouldn't always be placed correctly. We also worked on compatibility with some programs used for pushing and fixed various other minor bugs.

HTTP proxy rewrite. More than doubled the efficiency of all HTTP-based protocols for MistServer. Additionally, HTTP based protocols will now only load when actively in use.

Added debug level setting.Users can now change the amount of debug information in the overview screen or for a specific protocol. Do note that changing the debug level for the entire server (through the overview page) will need a restart of the software to fully propagate. Debug messages will appear in both the MistServer Management Interface and the log

Cleaned up debug messages. With the addition of the debug levels we've cleaned up the amount and accuracy of some debug messages. Debug messages now make more sense and will not overflow your logs.

Added support for MP4 and TS input for MistServer LTS.MistServer LTS is now able to accept both MP4 and TS files as an input. Simply add either of these files as a source and MistServer LTS will stream them without any preparation needed.

Improved Live Multibitrate support for MistServer LTS.Fixed some issues with live Multibitrate, users will now have a more stable and pleasant experience when live streaming in multiple bitrates.

Improved the experimental MistInAV connector for MistServer LTS.MistInAV should be able to convert more files more accurately to DTSC files now. Remember that MistInAV is still experimental and might not be able to convert every type of file.

Memory optimizations. Performed memory optimizations over various protocols. MistServer will now use less memory overall as well.

DTSH files now auto-update. Old DTSH files wouldn't always be updated to resemble changes in the corresponding media files. They will now update along with the improvements made to the input support.

MistServer Management Interface updates. We've added statistics to the Management Interface. While these have always been available through API calls we decided to make an interface available to show some of the statistics. We've also done some minor changes to the coloring and positioning of some options/buttons.

Library version numbers now equal to server version number. To prevent confusion, the library is now versioned the same way as the main software. This means both the library and software itself are now at version 2.1.