30 Sep 2012

[News] Mistserver now available!

We are proud to announce that after three years of private development we are now ready to release the first public version of MistServer: our multi-standard multimedia streaming server.

MistServer is a true next generation media server, designed with the future needs of media in mind. Our software allows for limitless scaling, is extremely efficient, compact and stable, with the added benefit of the lowest total cost of ownership.

Built entirely modular from scratch, keeping up support for the rapidly developing world of media becomes possible; in fact - our software can be updated without any service interruptions, not just minor upgrades but even adding support for new protocols on the fly.

This first public release includes support for Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP), HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) and HTTP Progressive. All these protocols support both live and on-demand streaming using any of the codecs supported by Adobe Flash Player. Please consider this release a preview of our technology. More complete support along with more protocols and features will be added in later releases.

You can try out the release yourself by either downloading the binaries here or checking out our source code tree here. Feedback is highly appreciated and can be left here.

MistServer is an initiative of DDVTech. DDVTech maintains the open-source MistServer project. In addition we will operate a number of paid solutions like MistServer LTS, MistSteward and MistCenter. Our paid solutions will be introduced later. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.