6 Aug 2014

[Release] Bugfix release 2.1.2 now available!

Hello everyone! We've updated our 2.1.1 release to 2.1.2 containing several bugfixes for problems found by our community and the development team. Downloads are here. If you have feedback regarding MistServer we will be happy to hear from you, you can contact us here

Patch notes for this release:

MistController is now multi-threaded. MistController can now handle multiple requests at the same time, causing it to feel much more responsive.

Windows and Mac VoD streams fully operational again.Both Windows and Mac versions will be able to run VoD streams without any corrupt file errors, adding new file inputs will add a DTSH file as intended now.

Improvements to the HLS protocol.Fixed a bug in HLS protocols introduced in version 2.1.1 which made HLS unable to play single-track streams. We've also improved live HLS stability.

Various improvements to debug messages.We've tweaked verbosity and wording of various debug messages and MistIn processes now correctly obey global debug level settings.

Improved Flash Media Live Encoder compatibility.We've changed the way RTMP delta timestamps are handled, streams using Flash Media Live Encoder should now work much better.

Various other small tweaks and fixes. Improving performance and stability over all supported platforms.