1 Oct 2014

[News] MistServer Hotfix 2.1.4 available now!

Release 2.1.3 now available!

Hello everyone! We wanted more to add to the current release and call it 2.2, but we've decided to release some bugfixes first. So expect an 2.2 release soon. Downloads are here. If you have feedback regarding MistServer we will be happy to hear from you, you can contact us here

Hotfix 2.1.4: Fixed compatibility of HLS with Apple products

Pro-only: DASH has been implemented. We've implemented DASH as an output, currently only the MP4 time-based profile is supported, more will follow in the future.

Pro-only: Implemented HEVC.

Pro-only: Recording function now will record the rest of the buffer as well. The recording function forgot the active buffer while recording, when a live stream ends the active buffer will now be properly flushed to file.

Pro-only: TS input stability and efficiency improvements.

Flash codec support improved. Some flash codecs weren't properly supported in every output that could support them, which has now been rectified.

DTSC analyser accuracy improvements.

Fixed opening listening TCP ports when running in daemonized mode. Using MistServer in daemon mode will once again work as intended.

MistServer Management Interface received some updates. The preview page now has more features: the stream information page has been merged into the preview page and we've added protocol selection. A create account landing page has been added for easier first time setup. We've also added file browsing for your streams when selecting a stream source.

MP3 support where available. Almost all outputs that can support MP3, can provide MP3 now.

Improved handling of external header files for streams.

Various fixes and stability improvements for live streaming.

Fixed several HLS issues. HLS will play the last fragment of VoD streams again, is no longer case sensitive and has been optimized for speed.

HDS now works with video-only streams and received various optimizations as well.

Added MPEG2/TS over HTTP streaming output.