21 Feb 2015

[News] Release 2.2 now available!

Hello everyone! The long awaited 2.2 release of MistServer is now available! This release is mostly about improved stability, but also includes various new features. Downloads are here. If you have feedback regarding MistServer we will be happy to hear from you, you can contact us here

New input starting method based on capabilities The MistController can now automatically detect which inputs are available and can take appropriate actions. This also makes it possible to write your own inputs.

Pro feature: Implemented (Live) wildcard support MistServer is now able to let any live stream function as a wildcard stream. A wildcard stream uses the streamname with a “+wildcardname" to identify itself as a new stream based on the first streamname. Wildcard streams will exist temporarily as long as your stream is active, once finished they'll dissapear.

Pro feature: Implemented (VoD) Folder support MistServer is now able to use a folder as source. Any supported files within the folder will be available as “folderstreamname+file.ext". This allows users to easily add an entire folder of media files in one go.

Pro feature: Segment size can now be changed You can now set your preferred segment size for live streams in the stream creation/edit menu.

OGG available again! We're glad to say that MistServer supports OGG inputs and output again. You can use OGG files directly as an input as long as they have Theora and/or Vorbis codecs.

Fixed opening listening TCP ports when running in daemonized mode. Using MistServer in daemon mode will once again work as intended.

MistServer Management Interface has been revamped. The preview page now has more features: the stream information page has been merged into the preview page and we've added protocol selection. A create account landing page has been added for easier first time setup. We've also added file browsing for your streams when selecting a stream source.

Better MP3 codec support. Almost all outputs that are technically capable of supporting MP3, now do.

Added active_streams API call Using this call will give a response listing all the streams currently active on your MistServer install

Pro feature: Added addprotocol and deleteprotocol API calls Using this call will allow you to add/delete protocols through API calls, without affecting the other enabled protocols.

Pro feature: Added a start in live buffer position for all protocols You can now select where a protocol will try to begin within a live stream buffer. Some protocols simply cannot reach true live capability due to their nature. However, you'll be able to get as close as possible through this option. You can edit the start position in the create/edit protocol menu. The option 1000 will order the protocol to boot streams as near to live as possible, the option 0 will order the protocol to boot streams as long ago in the buffer as possible. All values in between will position the starting point accordingly into the current stream buffer.

Various edits and optimizations to MistServer Nearly all components of MistServer have received small tweaks towards stability, efficiency or to improve usability.