8 Apr 2015

[News] Release 2.3 now available!

Hello everyone! Stable release 2.3 of MistServer is now available! This release reworks our entire input system and merges the library and main code to a single branch, to simplify matters. Additionally, we've changed our build system from make to cmake. Since a lot has been changed we recommend the deletion of any old DTSH files that have been created for your non-DTSC VoD files. Downloads are here.

MistIn system revamped, VoD can now play files that are over 4 GiB in size and live multibitrate improved. We've changed the way our inputs work, making it better at handling unknown, especially large, corrupted and/or multiple inputs. Especially multibitrate live support has seen major improvements. We've also removed the automatic track deduplication for live streams.

DMS and Library merged. For those who compiled MistServer themselves things just got a lot easier. Instead of having to compile the library and then the binaries, you can now build directly from the one remaining repository. The switch over to cmake also makes cross-platform compiling easier - though the old makefile has been mostly maintained for now to make this change have a smaller impact on existing deployments.

Live streaming by default now as live as possible except for: DASH, HLS, HSS and HDS. On request we've changed our default for live streaming to 'as live as possible' where we can. Only the segmented outputs (DASH, HLS, HSS and HDS) will now lag noticeably behind the live-point.

Stream name length limit stretched to 100 characters and correctly enforced. While MistServer had a limit of 20 characters for stream names, an error never appeared. MistServer will now properly refuse the stream and display an error when a too long stream name is used. The length limit itself has been stretched to 100 characters.

Improved HLS compatibility. We've improved the detection between iOS devices and other HLS players. HLS should now show correctly on all playback client types.

Pro: MP4 input files support improved. MistServer now properly supports B-frames in MP4 input files. Since this data is cached in the dtsh headers, please delete any old '*.mp4.dtsh' files in order to get B-frames to function correctly.

Pro: AC3 support added. MistServer now supports files with AC3 audio codecs in players where available.

MP3 file support added. MP3 files can now be used as sources directly and be streamed out through all our outputs that support the MP3 codec.

HTTP Parser now unescapes URLs. Files and streams with special characters now correctly work with MistServer.