26 May 2015

[News] Release 2.3.1 now available!

Hello everyone! Stable release 2.3.1 of MistServer is now available! We have paid extra attention to our Windows builds in this version, but fixes and improvements are included for all versions. Specifically live compatibility and stability have been improved greatly. Downloads are here.

Password bug fixed in control interface. New users can now use both password fields without any interruptions again.

Fixed track detection for live with more than 2 tracks. Open source versions of MistServer couldn't handle inputs with metadata properly. They now assign the audio/video tracks correctly.

Fixed inputs for Windows builds. Some users of our Windows builds noticed problems with certain input files. All supported inputs should now work again

Changed the maximum simultaneous tracks (per connection) from 5 to 10. Every connection can now use up to 10 tracks at the same time. Which should improve support for applications such as Flash Media Live Encoder.

Pro: MistServer can now accept multiple RTMP pushes through a single connection. This allows Flash Media Live Encoder to push multi bitrate streams as well as enable a few MistServer Pro use cases.

Fixed some issues with HTTP Dynamic live streaming.

HTTP Dynamic Streaming once again works with live streams.

Optimizes to live buffers We've stabilized live buffers greatly. The rare occasions where tracks were deleted too soon or not at all should all function as intended again.

General code cleanup We've removed old (unused) code from the codebase, improving performance and making future maintenance even easier.

Connector shutdown and start code have been improved. Ports will no longer stay open longer than needed when switching ports for HTTP or RTMP protocols, and the switch now happens both faster and more reliably as well.

Pro: You can now set an override for the error messages when streams are unable to load. You can change the generic error message used with the embed code as a setting for the HTTP output now. We've added this function as a first test. We're planning to update the feature to be more customizable at a later date.