15 Oct 2015

[News] New MistServer Pro packages and prices!

We've changed our paid offering, MistServer Pro, into two package types:

Per license packages

The regular MistServer Pro package remains available, including 3 years of updates and 8 hours of support at $1,000 USD per license. The monthly subscription version has been discontinued and instead we offer "MistServer Now", including only 30 days of updates and no included support. MistServer Now is available at $99 USD until at least December 31st 2015.

All per license packages are one-time-payment lifetime licenses that require an active internet connection to remain functional. The difference between the two is that “Pro” receives 3 years of updates and 8 hours of support while “Now” receives only 30 days of updates and no support.

Unlimited licenses packages

Completely new is our "MistServer Unlimited" package. A monthly payment of $5,000 USD will give you unlimited MistServer Pro licenses for use within one organization and 40 hours of support each month. A monthly payment of $10,000 USD will give you the “MistServer Embedded” package, with double the support hours (80 each month) and the right to redistribute those unlimited licenses as part of your own hardware solutions.

All unlimited licenses packages have a minimum one year contract duration and do not require active internet connections.


We now offer “hours” of support, and include 8 hours with each Pro license and 40 or 80 monthly hours with each unlimited package. Additional support is available at a rate of $125 USD per hour.

Our support is not just the usual customer support: these hours are engineering team time. This means that yes, while we can help you get started or fix problems, you can also use your support hours to request features or custom integrations.

For more details please visit our products page.