2 Nov 2012

[News] The first month

Since we launched Mistserver open-source on the 30th of September it has been very well received by our visitors. The website has seen a surge of new visitors coming from 77 different countrie, and staying an average of 5 minutes with many staying as long as 20 minutes! This has resulted in many downloads of our binary packages with Win32 taking the lead, followed by Ubuntu in second and the generic source package in 3rd.

Meanwhile our development department has been working very hard on further improving the servers capabilities. Currently we have MPEG-TS, HLS and Smooth Streaming going through their last round of testing and fixing. We will release whichever protocol clears testing first immediately open-source so make sure to check our Downloads page regularly for updates!

We are also working really hard on getting our first commercial product available for purchase. This too will be a close race between our Long Term Support Release and our Mistcenter subscriptions but we are aiming for a 2012 launch on both parts. For our LTS release we can officially confirm it will have API support for our 3 new protocols and API support for proprietary DRM. This means that while we may choose to launch our LTS without some of the actual features support can already be built into your website and free upgrades to your LTS will be available. This only counts for the first LTS purchase and will not be a trend for future versions.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us through our contact form or our Google Groups. We really appreciate your feedback.