18 Nov 2015

[News] MistServer 2.5.1 released now

Hello everyone! Stable release 2.5 of MistServer is now available! We've added an exciting new feature to MistServer called "Triggers" as well as several fixes and other small improvements. Downloads are here.

Pro only: Added Triggers. Triggers can notify you of specific events happening within the server and allow you to act on them. For more information please check the video at the bottom of this message.

Pro only: Improved TS input/stream support. TS input for both files and streams has been improved and should be a lot more stable and suited for production use.

Improved JSON library. A few general fixes have been made, performance has been improved, and the JSON library to work better with Windows and IOS.

RTSP added max package size for UDP packets. You can set the additional option at the RTSP protocol.

Improved MP4 file support. MP4 files without CTTS boxes in the header had trouble playing from MistServer. These files should now be properly supported. We've also improved the aspect ratio detection and HEVC input for MP4 files.

Improved debug data from logs. Made several logged messages more clear or changed their debug level to make the information more usable for debugging.

MistServer Interface and embed updates Stream status in the stream window should now be more up to date and accurate. The MistServer embed code will now detect Firefox and older versions of Internet Explorer and will skip the unsupported MP4 output for these browsers.