23 Jun 2016

[News] Bugfix release 2.6.1 available now!

Hello everyone! Bugfix release 2.6.1 of MistServer is now available! The Raspberry Pi 2 versions have been updated, the MacOS will be available at a later date. Downloads are here, and the full changelog is available here. Here is a summary:

Pro only feature: RTMP output and RTMP push can now (re-)add (new) tracks on the fly.

Pro only improvement: RTMP push outputs no longer fail if streams take longer to initialize, now nulling packet on auto-reconnect to source.

Pro only improvement: Fixed bandwidth statistics sometimes being inaccurate through prometheus-style statistics.

Improvement: Changed default start positions for live streams.Live streams now start at a better (more live) starting position while staying stable, the buffer time has been decreased as well.

Improvement: Better auto-detection on dropped tracks

Improvement: previews will now stay within screen resolutions

Improvement: Speed up for the preview page and embed code

Improvement: MistServer Interface will now correctly show being on the latest version and no longer double-confirms when submitting forms with the return key

Improvement: Fixed a slow loading problem for all outputs.