28 Sep 2016

[Release] MistServer stable release 2.7 out now!

Hello all! Our new stable release 2.7 is out now. We've changed the way our management interface worked and added our new meta-player. The meta player auto-detects the best combination of protocol and player for a given stream and playback device, plus it is fully customizable through CSS for one unified look. We've also updated the MacOS versions to be up to date with our Linux and Windows versions. Downloads are here, and the full changelog is available here. Here is a summary:

Improved MistServer Interface We've changed the MistServer interface significantly. Previews are now accessible only through the stream window as it made more sense to have the stream settings and preview available through the same menu. A first set up for a thumbnail-based menu has been made and included, allowing users to change the way they see their streams within MistServer. The integrated help for stream input is more clear and some other minor interface changes have been done to make everything more convenient to use.

New meta-player and embed code improvements. The new meta-player auto-detects optimal playback methods and is fully customizable through CSS. Several third-party players have also been integrated, making setting them up a breeze (specifically Theoplayer and JWPlayer - more in the future). The meta-player also comes with a DASH player, full support for audio and video track selection, stream looping, subtitles and auto restart/crash recovery functionality.

PRO ONLY: RTSP push input has been added. RTSP push input for both UDP and TCP streams has been added. The default port for RTSP is now 5554, changed from the old default of 554. To use RTSP input, create an push stream exactly like you would for a RTMP push stream, but push towards MistServer using the RTSP port and streamname instead.

PRO ONLY: TS improvements TS is now HBBTV compatible, MistOutTS and MistOutTSStream have been merged to have MistOutTS handle both regular output and push-output. The way to use TS UDP input has been changed to use a new simplified source syntax: "tsudp://IP:PORT[/INTERFACE]".

PRO ONLY: Added "stop sessions" API call. The call can disconnect/stop sessions selectively by stream, connection type, or both.

Added angel process for MistController. An angel process has been added to MistController allowing MistController to fully recover from a crash or other type of unexpected exit, without dropping any connections. This greatly improves reliability for init-based scripts, but also brings support for manually executed rolling updates.

And, as always, plenty general bug fixes and improvements. Again, the full changelog is available here.