21 Nov 2012

[News] Development branch available now!

You may have noticed that when we released our software, the source repository only came with a single "master" branch that didn't seem to have very much recent activity in it. This is because the master branch only contains releases that we have tested for bugs and at least two separate testers have signed off on - development happens internally in a separate branch per feature, which are then merged into a single "development" branch when they are completed.

Starting this past weekend, we now have the development branch of both the library and the software itself available to the public - which means access to the bleeding-edge unstable code and up-and-coming features! This allows you to get a sort of "preview" of the current state of semi-stable development and what the upcoming release will contain. To be specific the current code in the development branch contains support for MS Silverlight Smooth Streaming output, bugfixes for the RTMP ingest and live stream buffering code, plugs for several small memory leaks, support for storing the binaries outside of the $PATH and overall stability improvements.

On a related note, work is being done on fleshing out our build system, which will soon begin churning out automated 32 and 64 bits distro-agnostic builds of both the master and development branches. These builds are like the downloads we currently provide, in that they contain the libmist library inside the binaries to simplify installation. To maximize compatibility with as many linux installations as possible, a recent version of libcrypto is compiled in as well and these builds are even almost LSB 4.1 compliant. Keep a lookout for an official announcement when the automated build system is available to the general public (we are just testing it internally right now to make sure everything runs as smoothly as we want it to), most likely next week.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us through our contact form or our Google Groups. We really appreciate your feedback.