23 Nov 2016

[Release] Stable release 2.8.2 out now

Hello everyone! Stable release 2.8.2 of MistServer is now available! The full changelog is available here and downloads are here. Here is a short summary:

Pro only feature: RTMP output track selection has been added. MistServer can now select the tracks to output by ending the rtmp urls with "?track=track_number" or "?video=track_number" "?audio=track_number".

Pro only feature: HTTPS support has been added, you can activate it through the Protocol panel.

Feature: DTSC pull now allows selection of all buffer parameters.

Improvement: Changed flash protocols priority to RTMP > FLV > HDS. While flash protocols are becoming less common, we have changed the priority to check for the protocols we see used the most.

Improvement: HLS protocol. HLS has become faster and more reliable.

Improvement: Updated Windows (Cygwin-based) builds with IPv6 support

Improvement: Live streaming Live streaming has received various changes for incoming and outgoing live streams, streaming should be more reliable and faster.