10 Jan 2017

[Release] Stable release 2.9.0 now available!

Hello everyone! Stable release 2.9.0 of MistServer is now available! The full changelog is available here and downloads are here. Here is a short summary:

Added VideoJS player to our smart meta-player. Adding VideoJS allows HLS playback to work in most non-Apple browsers in addition to Apple browsers.

The MistController can now restart without closing connections and restart faster

Pro Feature: Added RECORDING_END trigger. This trigger alerts you when a file finishes writing to disk. Allowing you to do your own post-processing for example.

Pro Feature: MP4 live improvements. MP4 live is now compatible with FireFox, no longer randomly disconnects mid-stream and the end-to-end latency has been reduced to 5-8 seconds for most streams.

Various other bugfixes and small improvements.