16 Jan 2017

[Blog] Introducing our new bi-monthly blog posts

Hello streaming enthusiasts around the world,

Happy 2017! A new year is a time for new beginnings, and here at DDVTech we have decided to start the new year off with a bi-monthly blog. From now on, twice per month you will be able to read posts from the MistServer team right here, covering subjects that we didn't cover before. We plan to switch authors every post, with each author covering a different type of subject matter. The coming posts you can expect these authors:

  • Balder: Streaming how-to's and ideas
  • Erik: Innovation and various other subjects
  • Carina: Streaming on the web
  • Jaron (myself): Technical deep-dives and behind the scenes details on our team's progress

Later this month you can expect a post from Balder, and from then on we'll randomly pick an author for each post. We hope you're looking forward to reading our rambles!

— Jaron