27 Jan 2013

[News] MistServer 1.1-pre, prerelease build

Dear community,

in anticipation of the full 1.1 release we have made a prerelease package available. This build has all the features of the full 1.1 release with one known issue in the newly supported HLS protocol.

Generic Builds From now on all Linux Builds will be generic builds meaning that the precompiled binaries should work on any semi-recent Linux distribution. Windows builds will follow shortly. Please head over to our download section to grab your own copy of 1.1-pre

New protocols 1.1-pre introduces Smooth Streaming output, MPEG-TS output and HLS output. Unfortunately HLS has one known issue where it plays perfectly on all platforms but Apple devices. All feedback on this issue: be it code improvements, test data or otherwise, is very welcome so do not hesitate to contact us. Alternatively you can leave us a message at our mailing list or create a Github issue.

We thank you for your continued support and hope to be releasing 1.1 full and 1.1 LTS shortly. Please read the full changelog below!


  • Smooth streaming protocol support
  • HTTP Live Streaming protocol support
  • Raw MPEG2 TS protocol support over TCP
  • Management interface tweaks
  • Improved code documentation
  • Fixed RTMP input bugs
  • Various bugfixes in both the management interface and streaming protocol handling.
  • Various optimizations in the low-level code and socket handling.
  • Support for release naming in versioning.