17 May 2017

[Release] Stable release 2.11 now available!

Hello everyone! Stable release 2.11 of MistServer is now available! The full change log is available here and downloads are here. Here are some highlights:

  • Pro feature:Access log added Access log information of viewers connecting to MistServer is now logged.
  • Pro feature: New UDP-based API added
  • Pro feature: Session tagging You can now freely add tags to sessions and execute actions on sessions with a specific tag.
  • Pro feature: HLS file and URL (pull) input You can now use .m3u8 file structures or HTTP urls as input for MistServer.
  • Pro feature: .wav output support is added
  • Pro feature: PCM A-law codec support for RTSP and WAV
  • Pro feature: Opus audio codec support for RTSP
  • Feature: Opus audio codec support for Ogg
  • Feature: Password no longer required when logging into the interface using localhost.
  • Pro Improvement: Prometheus settings can now be changed during runtime
  • Pro Improvement: Updater no longer blocks API access while running, updates can now be performed as rolling update without disconnecting users
  • Pro Improvement: RTMP push output now compatible with Facebook and Youtube
  • Improvement: Console output is now colour-coded
  • Improvement: Local API access no longer requires authorization
  • Improvement: Overhaul on all analysers, now all standardized in usage.
  • Improvement: API changed to always return minimized-style output
  • Improvement: Backported many previous Pro-only API calls to OS edition see manual for details
  • Bugfix: ".html" access to streams now works correctly when used behind a proxy