22 Aug 2018

[Release] Stable release 2.14 now available!

Hello everyone! Stable release 2.14 of MistServer is now available! The full change log is available here and downloads are here. Our Pro-edition customers with active licenses will receive a new build notification in their e-mail automatically.

Here are some highlights:

  • Full MKV/WebM support for both input and output
  • (Pro) MKV recording support
  • Websocket versions of many data feeds, to improve on polling-based techniques
  • (Websocket-based) JSON metadata track input and output
  • RTSP, RTMP and JSON timestamps are automatically synced together when send to the same stream
  • (Pro) Added USER_END trigger which triggers when an access log entry is written
  • Significant improvements to RTSP and HTTP(S) handling (mostly relevant for Pro edition)
  • More precise track selection mechanic
  • Greatly improved overall system stability
  • Many other small fixes/improvements/etc. See changelog for full list!