19 May 2013

[News] MistServer 1.1.2, Bugfix release

We seem to have a penchant for releasing new versions on national holidays! This is most likely the final bugfix release before we move on to 1.2. We've fixed most problems our users have been having, luckily nearly everything was only minor.

The most important fixes were made to the embed code generator, which should now work properly in all cases again. Full changelog below.

  • Made log messages less verbose for trivial information.
  • Logs in the settings page can now auto-refresh.
  • Bugfix: Generated embed code for live stream was fixed.
  • Bugfix: iOS support for HLS fixed.
  • Bugfix: Fixed preview button when using default ports for protocols.
  • Bugfix: Fixed VoD stream status resetting/displaying improperly.
  • Bugfix: Several other minor bugfixes