31 Mar 2013

[News] Mistserver 1.1, released now!

Dear community,

We're happy to inform everyone that the 1.1 stable release is now available. Feel free to start your download here while you read the changes below.

Based on community feedback we've completely revamped and updated the documentation wiki, so definitely take a look there for more information on how to get started with this new release.

Even more protocol support. Compared to our previous stable release (1.0.1), we've added support for HLS, Smooth Streaming and MPEG2 TS outputs to the already existing RTMP, HTTP Dynamic and HTTP progressive protocols. All of them support both live and video on demand streams. We now also support the MP3 container for progressive streaming. Additionally, this release brings DVR support for live streams - it is now possible to set a certain time you'd like the server to keep the stream in memory for, only limited by your machine's capacity.

Better support for stream metadata. Metadata was already supported in the stream headers, but now also in the form of separate metadata packets. The server even filters out redundant metadata and only lets through relevant information in these packets. Currently only supported for FLV- and RTMP-based streams, but more will follow soon.

Improved stability and efficiency. We've taken a thorough look at our existing code and made sure that not only efficiency has gone up and CPU usage has gone down, but general server stability has been severely improved and shutdowns and reboots happen cleaner than before, making sure no lingering executables stay around for longer than absolutely necessary. Oh, and all known bugs have been fixed.

For a complete changelog, take a look here.

Thanks to our community for reporting bugs that we may not have found otherwise and being helpful in pointing out missing features, information and just being awesome in general.

Meanwhile, our development team is already hard at work getting everything ready for the upcoming 1.2 and Long Term Support releases.